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About BBB Industries:

BBB Industries, LLC sells remanufactured alternators, starters, power steering and brake calipers to the automotive, industrial, agriculture, small engine and other markets. The company’s undercar division remanufactures power steering products for automotive OEMs and aftermarkets.


Why Choose Catalina Material Handling:

We have provided and installed warehouse racking structures to many customers in the Southern California market and throughout the Unites States. Catalina Material Handling approaches every opportunity of designing your facility as a collaborative effort, where we are learning about your distribution challenges and day to day requirements. Once we understand this, our team can explain and demonstrate solutions based on your budget and expectations.


The Desired Solution:

In the city of Smyrna, they trusted CMH’s experience and expertise through the permitting process. Because of rapid growth, in this area, many of the municipalities are developing and growing their code enforcement departments.

In 2018, BBB Industries acquired one of their competitors (REMY). By taking REMY on, they needed to move distribution from their middle Tennessee hub to an area more local to Nashville. BBB needed to consolidate two warehouses into one while maintaining their flow of business. While installing the rack, CMH brought in the city building department to sign off concurrently as racking was being installed.


The Results:

  • Storing 33,000 skus while also accounting for a 20% growth
  • Each bay is 12′ – 0″ W with 13 elevations, with wire deck on each level
  • Storage up to 29′ H and using narrow aisle order pickers to access the product