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About Sika Corporation:

Sika Corporation is a distributor of specialty chemical products used primarily for roofing and protective coverings. They service construction and to industrial markets including transportation, marine, and automotive.

Catalina Material Handling provided consulting throughout their search for a building appropriate for their growing business. A facility in Chino, CA at 173,000 square feet, met Sika Corporation’s space and location needs as well as having the suitable suppression system and slab strength to store their commodity class and very heavy loads.


Why Choose Catalina Material Handling:

Catalina Material Handling has provided and installed warehouse racking structures to many customers in the Southern California market and throughout the Unites States. Catalina Material Handling approaches every opportunity of designing your facility as a collaborative effort, where we are learning about your distribution challenges and day to day requirements. Once we understand this, our team can explain and demonstrate solutions based on your budget and expectations.


The Desired Solution:

A portion of the items Sika Corporation wanted to store had very low flash points. This created an issue because of the amount of hazardous materials being stored exceeded the threshold for overhead ESFR fire suppression to meet fire code.

Sika Corporation contracted their building to construct an enclosed H-3 Occupancy Structure within the facility. Catalina Material Handling solved this by designing and building racks with horizontal barriers and in-rack sprinklers to meet fire code requirements for those high hazard liquid materials.


The Results:

  • Selective racking was designed to maximize the cubic space in a 32’ clear height warehouse.
  • Colors red and gold were selected to match their corporate building.
  • Accessory items such as column protection, fire extinguishers, and aisle signs were also provided.
  • Catalina Material Handling provided steel materials appropriate for their loads, professional installation, and managed the entire permitting process.