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About The HydraFacial Company:

The HydraFacial Company is an FDA registered manufacturer of advanced aesthetic technologies and products that deliver high return on investment (ROI) opportunities. They provide ongoing, comprehensive marketing support to help increase customer’s profitability. Their premier system is the HydraFacial serum-based hydra dermabrasion system, ranked one level above IPL for skin rejuvenation.


Why Choose Catalina Material Handling:

We have provided and installed warehouse racking structures to many customers in the Southern California market and throughout the Unites States.  Catalina Material Handling approaches every opportunity of designing your facility as a collaborative effort, where we are learning about your distribution challenges and day to day requirements. Once we understand this, our team can explain and demonstrate solutions based on your budget and expectations.


The Desired Solution:

In their new building, in Long Beach, CA, CMH provided onsite project management with real-time updates via the internet and on mobile devices.  This allowed HydraFacial to oversee their 105,004 sq. ft. building while their racking was being installed.

The installation of the approved design was given within a 30-day window, which lead to securing inspections and approvals for the permits from the City of Long Beach.  CMH worked closely with the city on plan approvals and inspections to make the comprehensive plan for racking installation possible.


The Results:

  • Implemented customer-designed racking layout
  • Incorporated selective and pallet flow racking
  • Comprehensive plan included warehouse equipment, line painting, fencing, and fire prevention devices
  • CMH teamed up with a videographer to create a video of the installation