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About Traffic Tech:

Traffic Tech offers a full suite of supply chain and transportation solutions that include all surface transportation services, worldwide international services, distribution, warehousing, freight management and supply chain consulting. They have expertise in complete logistical solutions at both a tactical and a strategic transportation management level.


Why Choose Catalina Material Handling:

We have provided and installed warehouse racking structures to many customers in the Southern California market and throughout the United States. Catalina Material Handling approaches every opportunity of designing your facility as a collaborative effort, where we are learning about your distribution challenges and day to day requirements.  Once we understand this, our team can explain and demonstrate solutions based on your budget and expectations.


The Desired Solution:

In their new building, in Long Beach, CA, CMH provided onsite project management with real-time updates via the internet and on mobile devices. This allowed Traffic Tech to oversee their 204,936 sq. ft. building while the racking was being installed and for their product load in.

Traffic Tech had racking being relocated from two different buildings while the new building wasn’t fully operational. CMH incorporated a multi-phase approach to install the new racking first and then systematically relocating racking from the other buildings. The finished design was tailored to Traffic Tech’s unique requirements.


The Results:

  • Design layout and install racking in new building with a multi-phase approach
  • Took down and relocate existing racking
  • CMH teamed up with a videographer to create a video of the installation and load-in